#WomenonWeb의 채용 공고 소식 입니다!

우먼 온 웹은 한국에 거주하고 있는 창의적인 재생산 정의를 실현하는 운동과 헬프 데스크 지원 활동 및 지원 팀으로서 동참할, 재생산 정의 운동가를 찾고 있습니다.


한국의 재생산 정의와 페미니스트 운동을 위한 커뮤니티의 조직과 지식, 네트워크에 관한 풍부한 경험이 있고, 창의적 의견의 글쓰기등을 통해 소셜 미디어 캠페인등을 이끌어 본 열정이 있다면, 우리는 당신의 그 경험과 의견을 듣고 싶습니다. 현재 한국어 헬프 데스크 및 지원팀에 합류할 새로운 멤버를 찾고 있습니다. 영어, 한국어 구사와 함께 우수한 의사 소통의 재능을 보유하고 있다면, 저희에게 연락하십시오, info@womenonweb.org!


As a help desk, you will be responsible of:

  • responding to emails and handling requests from pregnant people who need access to safe abortions and referring requests to the medical team
  • maintaining an overview of the service cycle
  • maintaining knowledge on medical abortion (all staff goes through a training before they start)
  • translating documents and protocols to and from Korean language

As a member of the outreach team, you will be responsible of:

  • developing content for WOW Korean-language website, incl. blog posts, news and renewing and improving existing content
  • curating compelling content for Women on Web Korean language social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook)
  • following and collecting news about abortion in South Korea and sharing news within the organization and on social media platforms
  • developing and maintaining a social map of partners and stakeholders within South Korea
  • initiating and maintaining contact with local organizations, groups and collectives to keep WOW informed about local issues and developments and to seek their input into WOW responses

Role requirements:

  • Good oral and writing skills in English and in particular in Korean language
  • Experienced in online writing and social media publishing
  • A team player who is also able to work independently within established protocols
  • Attention to detail (necessary when assisting doctors & performing admin work)
  • Pro-actively seeks and provides solutions to challenges and unexpected situations
  • Integrity and reliability for the handling of confidential client information
  • Service oriented, tact, good listener, desire to support people in a feminist way
  • Access to computer and stable internet connection (work is performed remotely)
  • Prior knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and abortion care
  • Experience working in non-profit sector

This is a part-time position

Please send a CV and a cover letter or email to info@womenonweb.org with ‘Korean Helpdesk’ in the subject line. We are reviewing applications as they come in.